Aging Collection

Znomina's 'AGING COLLECTION' aims to express the beauty that has gone through the passage of time and aging process. In the passage of time of aging, there will be changes in the four seasons of nature. There can be fruits or foods that are easily browned in everyday life, Also there is human aging. I would like to implicate these in a comprehensive material called "leather".
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BLACK l All(4 types)

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It is a compound word of ECO (eco-friendly) and -lizing (-izing), and it is a formula of things or ideas that can change people's thoughts and behaviors eco-friendly. I've applied it as the main material to this collection with a desire to love the environment and protect the environment.
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Gong Bag

This is a re-version of 'Gong' bag made of smooth Italian vegetable leather.  It is DIY and helps you to determine your own unique style. Depending on strap adjustment, there are 3 different ways to create.


3 way types DIY of Gong bag


'Miracle' has a unstructured shape of design that based on the triangle. It is very original, stylish and off-duty.

A smooth wide strap used sheepskin leather for comfortable fit is uncommon style.


'Gori' reinterprets the silhouette of the Korean traditional costume 'jeogori' in a modern way, applying the elegant lines and colors to suit the bag design.