'Gong' is the original model of One bag that has a process of taking apart and putting back together soccer ball, rugby ball etc., and undergoing many other revisions. 

'Mini One' has come from our original 'One bag' pattern. If there are various functions of our original 'One bag'. Mini One is more practical design and easy to carry.

Made of smooth Italian vegetable lambskin, featuring a contrast-colored design with a handle and shoulder strap.

'One' can be folded in half along any of its diagonals and you can easily carry as shoulder bag, tote bag, and pouch. This multi-use one bag has the functional elements to be as versatile as possible. 
Its shape gives off a different kind of allure according to the movement and attire of the person carrying the bag.

'Miracle' has a unstructured shape of design that based on the triangle. It is very original, stylish and off-duty.
A smooth wide strap used sheepskin leather for comfortable fit is uncommon style.

'Gori' reinterprets the silhouette of the Korean traditional costume 'jeogori' in a modern way, applying the elegant lines and colors to suit the bag design.

Relish of 'Korean paper fans' which require lengthy traditional handwork form time immemorial are reborn with the environmentally friendly nature of Korean traditional paper, showing off its unique color and handmade texture.
As a  great result of craftsmanship single-mindedly focused on only one path, Bang's refined traditional fans boast a graceful and beautiful figure of a master and will continue to protect our traditional legacy, embracing the unknown presents made by putting the heart and soul.

- Made by fan master designated as North Geolla Province's intangible cultural asst No. 10 : Bang,  Hwa-seon and her best pupils.